About us

Finbee is the brainchild of Mr Sandeep Pugalia, a Chartered Accountant by qualification, with 15 years of experience in the Home Loan Industry. Before starting his own venture Sandeep worked in a private bank in the home loan department for 3 years followed by 2 years in the construction loan department. During this duration Sandeep gained in depth knowledge of the way Home Loan industry works in India. 
During his tenure, Sandeep felt the need of organizing the Home Loan industry so that the customers are able to get the best rates with the best terms for their loans. Sandeep feels  any customer is not able to reach more than 2-3 Financial Institutions for their home loan requirement and often they are not in a situation to negotiate. Also the financial institutions find it difficult to deal with inidividuals as it takes them longer to complete the documentation process.
Finbee bridges the gap and solves the above problems faced by the users and the Financial Institutions. At Finbee portal, based on the customers financial profile, they are offered up to 20+ options of Financial Institutions to choose from. Customers are guaranteed the best rates through the Finbee portal as Finbee is partnered with 20+ Financial Instutions. 
On the other hand, the Finbee partners also get a relief as Finbee completes the documentation part on behalf of them.
Finbee is a win win situation for all the stakeholders and Finbee continuously tries to improve the process with the help of technology.
Finbee has a team of 18 experienced home loan experts who are ready to help you for all your needs.