Construction finance

Construction finance
Acquiring Real Estate funding has been a pain point for developers for quite sometime. The main reason behind this is the risky nature of the industry and mostly Real Estate sector remains in the negative of most of the banks. Together with the below mentioned points, borrowing in this sector is a difficult proposition:
  • Choosing the right Financial Institition is a challenge for most of the developers as different institutions maintain different outlook for the Real Estate Sector
  • The interest can vary a lot between 2 Financial Institutions due to the risk perception of different Financial Institutions
  • On an average Construction Finance process is longer than any other kind of borrowing
  • Preparing the right Financial Model/Cash Flow remains a challenge for most of the developers.


How Finbee can help

  • Finbee helps the devleoper to identify the right institution as it keeps interacting with all the Financial Institutions on a daily basis.
  • Finbee's expertise in the field will streamline developer's financial statements required by the Financial Institutions.
  • The cost of borrowing is the most important factor in any kind of finance. Finbee's constant interaction with various developers and Financial Institutions helps in keeping up to date market information.